Adeion Inc. has built a select community of consultants with extensive industry knowledge and understanding of how the business world is evolving. This is often invaluable information to investment managers who naturally are looking for the best way to build their knowledge base and make effective business decisions. These Knowledge Leaders are given the opportunity to work with investment managers and educate them on their vertical and give them the insight they need to do their jobs well.

Knowledge Leaders Forum Membership Benefits

  • Income: Knowledge leaders will receive hourly compensation for the time they spend on the phone or in-person with Adeion Inc. clients.
  • No membership fees.
  • Convenience: Consultants are allowed to accept or decline projects at your discretions and schedule calls in 30-90 minute windows that work for your lifestyle.
  • Networking: Consultants can enjoy networking opportunities with other industry and investment professionals.
  • Learning: Consultants will be given learning opportunities with business and investment professionals.
  • Privacy: Personal Knowledge Leader information is kept completely confidential. It will never be shared with a third party.

How to Become a Knowledge Leader

Step 1: Apply

Applicants for our Knowledge Leaders Forum can fill out an online application that generally takes under five minutes to complete.

Step 2: Be notified

Once an application has been reviewed and accepted by our team, applicants are notified by email of their membership status.

Step 3: Invitation to consults

When business professionals contact Adeion Inc with inquiries about industry trends, products, and services within your area of expertise, you will be considered for the project. If your background fits the discussion topic, you may be invited to participate in a telephone consultation. You can schedule this appointment at your convenience.

To ensure that both our consultants and clients are protected, we have a strict compliance program that every Knowledge Leader must agree to within our Terms and Conditions. This program complies with security industry standards surrounding non-disclosures, insider trading, and material and non-public information rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get started and work on Adeion, create your profile by clicking on the “Sign up” button in the top right corner. Choose “Signup as Consultant” section, fill out your personal data, come up with a password, and you are ready to kick off your consulting journey on Adeion!

Sure. Choose “Sign up with LinkedIn” option on the signup page, and Adeion will take all necessary personal information from your LinkedIn profile.

No, it is not necessary to have any experience in consulting for investment management. If you believe that you have enough knowledge and insider information from a certain industry, then your consulting services will definitely be demanded on Adeion.

Adeion covers all industries modern businesses operate in, including transport, IT, agriculture, construction and other ones.

Adeion builds a bridge between industry experts and investment managers. When providing consulting services on Adeion, you will work with both individual managers and large investment management companies.

One of the greatest advantages that Adeion offers its consultants is that you do not need to search for clients on your own. The only thing that we would ask you to do is to create an attractive profile with your portfolio, recommendations and other professional information. The more detailed you are, the easier it is for us to select you as a consultant for a client’s project.

Our platform connects knowledge leaders and investment managers so that they both can benefit from this cooperation. With Adeion, you will have access to thousands of investment managers from all around the United States who are seeking advice from industry experts like you.

No. Adeion works as a connecting platform for knowledge leaders and investment managers. Our services are focused on finding suitable consultants for our clients, and providing you with an access to a large client base.

Adeion works with both individual managers and company representatives, which enables us to collect a large client base and connect them with professional consultants.

Not always. If your client is asking for a short one-time consultation only, they will pay you on a hourly basis. Nevertheless, if you are going to have a long-term collaboration, you will most likely get paid on a project or salary basis.

There is no pre-determined duration of projects carried out through Adeion. It can be anything from a couple of hours to some months.

At the moment, we connect consultants and investment managers located in the US only. However, we are working on adding other locations, so that every industry expert and investment management company in the world can have access to the benefits offered by Adeion.