At Adeion, our first priority is protecting both our knowledge leaders and our clients as they share information and work to make the best possible business decisions. Accordingly, our team has worked with some of the best industry lawyers and internal counsel to make sure that our compliance agreement covers everything our clients and consultants need it to. Every Knowledge Leader associated with a client project must agree to Adeion Inc.’s Terms and Conditions, which comply with securities industry standards surrounding non-disclosures, insider trading, and material and non-public information rules.

Clients and Knowledge Leaders each agree to respect any prior legal obligations and must:

  • Discuss only those matters that do not present a conflict of interest for the Knowledge Leader.
  • Refrain from discussing current employers of Knowledge Leaders.
  • Not discuss or disclose material, non-public information.

Furthermore, before consultations, our Knowledge Leaders must:

  • Agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Verify that they are not prohibited by any relationship from consulting with investors regarding the proposed subject matter.
  • Immediately notify Adeion Inc if a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest arises.

Our Terms and Conditions represent an essential part of our business. By complying with all of these requirements, everyone involved in our services is protected and that no laws or non-disclosure agreements are broken on either side and that everyone is able to legally use the knowledge obtained in their consultations. This way you can focus on obtaining all of the information you can to fuel your best business decisions without worrying about whether or not you and your consultant are at risk of violating any regulations or laws.

This policy allows our clients and consultants full peace of mind as they both work to expand their knowledge and help to develop the best possible business decisions that they can make.