Are you looking for industry knowledge straight from the mouths of the experts. Our goal is to facilitate those networking connections. We provide access to a broad knowledge base with qualified professionals who are passionate about their industry. They in turn support investment managers who are looking for ways they can expand their understanding of their new industry.

Custom Recruit Method

Adeion Inc. uses a “custom-recruit” research model that offers clients access to experts who offer unique and exclusive advice. Our team conducts a customized search for each new project and present only those experts who have been pre-screened and vetted for the project at hand to our clients.

Our business model is focused on offering our clients significantly better value than our competitors by customizing our recruiting methods to provide more specific and proprietary research.

How to Start A Project with Adeion

If you’re looking for access to customized research, you can easily get started with our project process.

Develop the project.

When you make a request for our expert, we tailor our approach to your specifications. You’ll want to think about what you want out of the project, how you want to approach it, and whether or not you have an expert in your network you might want to look into. Our team will search for the perfect expert for you which includes looking at your suggestions as well as the following sources Contact lists, Referrals, Past acquaintances, Professional networking sites, Conferences and more!

How to Start A Project with Adeion

Submit the request.

To get your project started, you can submit your request either on our secure website, via email, or on the phone. We’ll need to know the parameters of your project. This includes the following:

  • The industry you want a consultant for
  • Any company affiliation or specific profession you want your consultant to have
  • Any desired current or former employment status for your consultant
  • Quantity of Knowledge Leaders that you want to work with.

Recruit your experts.

Within 1-3 days of your submitted request, we will find highly qualified consultants that will be a perfect fit for your project. We carefully prescreen the applicants to ensure that they will meet the requirements of the project, we perform the paperwork and legal steps necessary to protect all parties and facilitate the consultation.

Collect post-consultation feedback.

After every consultation, Adeion Inc. will collect feedback from both client and consultant so we can continue to provide the most qualified experts. We will also process all payments and tax forms on behalf of the project.