Why Be an Adeion Inc. Knowledge Leader

Industry knowledge is always valuable and can often be leveraged as a second form of income as an added benefit for industry professionals. The business experience you build up after years in your position is a boon to investment managers looking for new opportunities, which is why Adeion Inc. has built a community designed to leverage this aspect of industry knowledge. 

Our Adeion Knowledge leaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds and we are always looking for new knowledge bases to add to our arsenal. Our clients are working to make the best business decisions possible, and the information our consultants can provide is our greatest asset. Accordingly, we work with our Knowledge Leaders to create a seamless experience that allows our consultants to efficiently and effectively convey their knowledge in a way that allows the best possible outcomes. 

Knowledge Leaders Forum Membership Benefits

There are several benefits to joining our Knowledge Leaders Forum. Our goal is to create an experience that gives our consultants a great experience. We’ve prioritized the following aspects of our process to build a forum that provides a mutually beneficial experience to clients and consultants.

Pre-screening- Our team carefully considers every client project request and matches you with the type of project that you will be most likely to find interesting and related to your expertise.

Income- Our knowledge leaders receive hourly compensation for their time spent on the phone or in-person with their clients.

Flexible hours- You can schedule your consulting sessions on your own schedule and your own time.

Privacy- Our Terms and Conditions are designed to protect your interests as well as your clients, ensuring that no information is shared that will compromise you. All information will be in compliance of non-disclosure agreements and restrictions.

How to Become a Knowledge Leader

The process to join the Adeion Inc. Knowledge Leaders Forum is quite straightforward. You’ll simply fill out an online application that takes about 5 minutes of your time. Once it has been reviewed and accepted by our team, applicants will be notified of their membership status. When a new project comes up that we feel will be a good fit for you, we will send you an invitation to consult with our client.

Our Knowledge Leader Forum is the perfect example of how your industry knowledge can be applied in many different ways to benefit you and your clients. If you’re interested in seeing how you can contribute to the Adeion Inc. network, contact us here for more information.