5 Things You Learn as a Consultant

At Adeion Inc., our company is built on the idea that consultants provide immense value to businesses, but that those clients provide value to the consultant as well. This value goes beyond the compensation consultants receive for their time. The skills that are cultivated during consulting services are highly transferable and can help advance your career beyond making you a great consultant.

If you’re wondering how you can extract the most value from your consulting experience, these are a few skills you might find honed by your experience as a consultant.

1. Problem Solving
This is the reason that you are brought into a project- you are there to help solve a problem. When you are confronted with the client’s questions, concerns, and pain points, you are invited to help them solve them. This attitude and evaluation process will be effective in your day job as well and you’ll find that when there are challenges at work, you’ll be more likely to see the solution present itself.

2. Communication
Communication skills are the cornerstone of professional advancement. If you can’t communicate your message to the people who matter, you’ll never be able to advance your projects. When you work with a client, you don’t have a choice! You have to communicate effectively, and when your client has questions, you’ll need to adjust your communication style.

3. Project Management
When you handle projects, you learn all sorts of nuances about how to manage people, timelines, deadlines, and random tasks. These are all valuable skills that you can use in nearly every aspect of your professional life, either as a team leader or a team member.

4. Decision-Making
When you work with a client, you’re ultimately helping them make the best decision. When you watch different decision-making processes, you’ll be able to see the pros and cons of different approaches. You can see what works and what doesn’t. Then, you can apply those points to your own decision-making process.

5. Listening
When you’re working for a client, you will need to make sure that you listen to what they need from you. When they tell you, you will need to adjust your approach. Their goals might not align with your professional opinion, but ultimately, they’re the client. You have to work with what they’re comfortable with and do your best to meet their goals.

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