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Adeion Inc is a research service focused on providing investment managers with access to top industry professionals. We put the right people in the right partnerships where they can exchange industry experience and ideas. Our custom-recruit business model sets us apart from our competition as we can offer superior service at a rate that is unmatched in our industry. Our process allows us to provide exactly the type of consultant that will enhance your project and provide you with unique industry knowledge.

For Investment Managers

Adeion Inc offers investment managers at financial institutions, consultancies, and non-profits the opportunity to speak one-on-one with qualified industry experts. We work with you to pre-qualify, find, and liaise with Knowledge Leaders who will provide invaluable insight into your next project. Every piece of information you glean from your consultation is exclusively yours. No other client will ever be given access to that information, it is yours to build on and utilize.

For Industry Experts

As an Adeion Inc Knowledge Leader, you become part of our select, international community of professionals and thought leaders. We are constantly working to build a network of experts that spans industries worldwide who can educational consultations on an hourly basis to help investment managers make effective business decisions. The business world is ever-evolving and those who are in the midst of those changes are the ones who can make a real difference by sharing their knowledge with eager students.

Consultants are fully compensated for their services and consulting sessions can be worked in around your own schedule.

Adeion Inc is continuing to expand its network of industry experts in order to broaden its resources and provide timely and actionable information to clients. We are committed to building a knowledge base and providing high-quality services to aloof our clients.