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Adeion is a research service focused on providing investment managers with access to top industry professionals.

Our custom-recruit business model sets us apart from our competition as we can offer superior service at a rate that is unmatched in our industry. Our process allows us to provide exactly the type of consultant that will enhance your project and provide you with unique industry knowledge.


Looking for industry knowledge straight from the mouths of the experts. Our network is built of qualified industry professionals and thought leaders who are committed to providing insight and education, Find direction and advice as a client!


Adeion has built a select community of consultants with extensive industry knowledge and understanding of how the business world is evolving. Knowledge Leaders are invited to discuss general industry trends or specific products and services within their area of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional finding a new perspective through the eyes of an entrepreneur or you’re just getting into the industry, everyone can contribute something.

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