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What is adeion

Investment leaders need access to accurate information that looks at both the micro as well as the macro picture. Their consultants need to be handpicked based on the industry and market they focus on. Adeion clearly recognizes these requirements and offers the perfect, tailor made solutions to all its clients. The word Adeion is an amalgamation of two words, ‘adept’ and ‘nation’. We believe that today it is essential for every business to be adept or highly skilled. And, this can be achieved by having access to the most proficient specialists in an industry or field.

Adeion facilitates opportunities where none existed before. Investment managers and business developers can request for consultations with professionals who are top in their respective fields. Knowledge leaders are matched with the needs of the client. If required, they are also custom recruited so that the expertise that an investment manager requests is garnered.

At Adeion the brilliance and competence of knowledge leaders couples with the sheer financial genius and foresight of investment managers.

For consultants

Adeion welcomes industry experts and knowledge leaders, who have a solid foundation in their area of specialization. We understand that business decisions are never made in isolation, and in order to succeed, businesses have to be adept at adapting to situations and to this end we facilitate a meeting of minds. We partner with consultants who have valuable answers to the four pertinent questions, ‘what, where, why and when’, and finally the ‘how’. Our experts offer hourly consultations to clients who are considering key decisions with regard to the consultant’s sphere of skill and knowledge.
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For clients

Worldwide, investment managers know that their decisions need to be well researched and based on accurate information. It is imperative that they have access to consultants who offer valuable insight and practical suggestions with regard to a project. Knowledge experts need to be chosen based on the requirements of a project. They may be from diverse backgrounds including the information technology, engineering, medical or clean energy sectors.