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Worldwide, investment managers know that their decisions need to be well researched and based on accurate information. It is imperative that they have access to consultants who offer valuable insight and practical suggestions with regard to a project. Knowledge experts need to be chosen based on the requirements of a project. They may be from diverse backgrounds including the information technology, engineering, medical or clean energy sectors.

When a client registers with Adeion, they are offered research services that are able to identify, locate and liaise with consultants and experts who match the needs of the project at hand. Our clientele include financial institutions, consultancies and non-profits. It is our endeavour to provide a common and productive platform for the client and consultant to share. Our consultants offer one-on-one interaction with clients.

If a client requests for a consultant who is unavailable, Adeion recruits the necessary experts and ensures that each client’s requirements are met. In order to make informed business decisions our clients are assured of the proficiency of professionals who are acknowledged leaders and trend setters in their field. Adeion constantly strives to identify and recruit consultants and industry experts who are able to offer timely advice and actionable information that allow our clients to make investment decisions that are well researched.

Custom Recruit Research

Request for a consultation on website, through email or telephonically.

Identification of the apt knowledge expert. The professional is vetted to meet the project parameters.

The knowledge leader is contacted or recruited and a consultation is scheduled. The time period may vary from 2 to 14 days

Legal and privacy policies adhered to before consultation

Culmination of consultation followed by Adeion feedback from both the client and the knowledge leader


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